Anyone attach to a kindergarten?

Question:I need science syllabus for preschool curriculum. The National Preschool Curriculum book is not detail enough - cuz it just stated for the Cognitive development.

I need it for my assignment. If you can share, please send it to me via email - Thanks!

Malaysia kindergarten only.

Please ask a question. I think you will get more answers and more people willing to help if you ask a specific question.
I dont have the syllabus, but I suggest you get a preschool science workbook that's available in stores. Maybe you can get some informatin from there.
Nature Studies: Five senses, animal classification, animal birth and growth, predator and prey, birds, insects, seasons, day and night, rocks and minerals, magnets, seeds, plants, and gardening. Gardening is especially cool for them my aunt just did a couple of gardening projects with her students and they enjoyed it a lot.

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