What are Games for 5 Year Olds?

Connect Four

Candy Land

Chutes and Ladders


Scrabble Junior

Original Memory

Gold Fish

Mouse Trap




The Letter Factory Game


Sports like:


Red light green light.

Simon says.

Candy Land.

Go Fish.
Red light Green light
I Spy
any kind of counting games
sight word Bingo
Simon Says
Chutes and Ladder, tic-tac-toe, play house (pretending stuff), take them to the park and do mini exercises with them, little scavenger hunt, and then reward them later on like a piece of candy.
idk! look on the front of the game book and it has ages on there.
little scavenger hunts, are really good, or tell them one of thier favorite characters (ex. elmo) left them a message to find something and then send them on a scavenger hunt,

playing with dolls
simon says
mortal kombat deceptions for the playstation 2
outdoors: tag, hide and go seek, any sports (basketball, baseball, etc.)
indoors: board games ( candy land, sorry!, memory game, ect.), coloring, color wonders( like coloring, but the markers/paint only shows up on color wonders paper, so its wayy less messy!)
pin the tail on the donkey

drop clothes pin into a gallon jug while standing straddled over it

candy land
shutes and ladders
hide the thimble (go find where it is hid)

riddly riddly ree, i see something you don't see & the color is...let them identify what is that color until u get a winner of what you picked out. anything goes.

finger painting, artist kits, clay objects, drawing contest, portraits of their family and home
pudding & food coloring to finger paint..is edible too

kitchen recipes

put different items in a bowl. hold above them and ask them to identify as many items as they can.

relay games

repeat that! start out with a short story, ask the first to whisper in the next ones ear, & so on...till the last. ask the last person to repeat what was said to them. see if the story changes.
Hot potato
duck duck goose
shoots and ladders
Hi ho cherrio
Mr. Potato head
picture/shape/color Bingo
don't spill the beans
don't break the ice
barrel of monkeys
red light green light
simon says
I spy for preschool

At five years old kids can make a game out of alot of things around the house if they have a good imagination. Turn over a bunch of pots and pans, give them some wooden sticks and they will have a ball too.

Good luck

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