Activity ideas for Summer/sealife for Foundation stage, ages 3-4?

Question:We've got the role play sorted and have a few ideas but i'm looking for something a bit different, thanks.

print some pictures of fish and sealife from various internet sources such as disney and encourage the children to colour them in to make a puppet show(i know worksheets are not really allowed but they could draw them them selves) or have a pirate day make maps hats hunt for treasure or play a game at circle time of naming the item of summer clothing and seeing which children are able to dress them selves and those who are not
Why not do a sandpit treasure hunt where you plank tickets and they dig for them. Each ticket is for an activity or prize.
Last year when we did summer/sealife...we brought some pet goldfish, mad puppets and had showtime, junk modelled a massive boat, set up a pretend seaside outside, did a sports day themed of summer

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