Any fun and or educational computer sites to play games for my 5 year old daughter?

Here's a whole slew of sites that have free games and activities, and coloring pages with my young children. Hope this helps!!
Club Penguin, or get her a Webkinz! You can order from EBay or from a store near you. Go to and click on store locate! Good luck! (I have 3 Webkinz and it is totally safe) Plus it's fun and I am 12.
First, with ALL the choices out there, there are tons of very fun but educational games, so be wary of any game sponsored by a network or toy manufacturer. ( tends to be more educational then nick jr.). For a directory, you can try:

For good, free, fun, educational games that aren't linked to a toy or to TV try:

You can find a lot more if you do a search for "educational preschool online games"

Good Luck

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