A appropriate hook for an essay?

I'm writing an essay on "What were the contributions to Western civilization from the ancient Greeks?" and I need a good hook for my initial paragraph... think you guys could help? :)
You can either start off with a question, or a statement like this:

It would be not easy, or even unthinkable for the Western civilization to live without the modern conveniences of ___, ___, or even ___. All of these components of modern civilization started with the Ancient Greeks, and so obtaining a solid grasp of those contributions would front one to obtain a higher understanding of the culture and milieu of today's world.

OR you could start with a descriptive interest catcher, somewhat like the following passage (not around Greece though, but it might inspire you to come up with your own):

"Blowing the dust off of the ancient cuneiform tablets of Mesopotamia, one begins to peer into a world that no longer exists, but seem to come alive as the modern world fades away. This very distinct culture is filled near vivid sights, sounds, people. The journey begins contained by the Epic of Gilgamesh, as one sets off to explore, watch, listen, and travel these distant lands in writ to delicately uncover the secrets of the ancient olden. Three prominent main themes are exhibited within this epic: (and afterwards I listed what the paper would be about)

I hope this helps!

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