Algebra Help PLEASE!!?

Question:solve by substitution y=0.8x+0.02 and y=1.2x+2.1

2x+4y=16 and 3x-5y=54.8

Please don't just give me answers, but guide me through the steps to understand! I appreciate any help!

Ok, I know this looks overwhelming. But lets take it a step at a time. For every place that you will see a y in the equation you are going to place 0.8x+0.02 So for the first equation you will have 2x+4(0.8x+0.02)=16 Remember to distribute the 4 throughout the parenthesis. You should be able to solve from here. Last thing, this will give you the value for x. Take the value that you get for x and put it back in the equation and solve for y.

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