Anyone know of a good present for children UK who are doing well at school? Needs to be good value for money.?

Question:My child is doing well at school and i want her to know that i am recognizing this! Help! I need to buy her something!

i bought Elise my daughter a reward pack from
if he or she loves animals its great. was £4 and addressed to her in the post, certificate and letter with some stickers. she was really chuffed. either that or a bear from bear factory
depends what she likes!!
It would be better if you gave an indication of how much you want to spend. I would take her to a theme park, maybe a friend as well, and trade in my Tesco points to make it better value.

Other than that maybe some really attractive stationery or binders for her school work.
Yes we must appreciate children it will motivate them to learn more.

I am happy to know you thinking. As we people here do not know what she likes, gift depends on age and nature of child. But some girls like boys items.

Take her our for eating whatever she wants and when you return ask her what she wants to buy. I have suggested this idea to many friends and they all like it.
I remember my parents buying me a watch, not the boring timex I wore to school but a pretty sparkly one, I was very proud of it.
Try for something out of the ordinary, how about a star? You pay a fee and she gets a cert with the star named after her.
a money token for a stationary or book shop would be handy and they could choose with help a suitable gift

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