Any thesis work regarding child behavioural problem and its relation to their illness?

Question:any information regarding child illness and if any co relation exist inbetween their behaviour and their illness and how much parenting skill depends on child behavioural problem

Could you please reword your question. Are you only interested in formal theses on your subject of interest, or just regular information? Are you asking if behavior problems can cause illness, or if illness can cause behavior problems? Are you asking whether parenting skills can help a child with a problem, or are you asking whether parenting skills cause behavior problems?
I agree that it would be helpful if you re-worded your question. As is, it is a bit difficult to understand what you are asking. It *sounds like* you are asking if there is any research on the relationship between childhood/pediatric chronic illness and behavior...and the extent to which parenting skill may mediate or moderate that relationship. If so, there is definitely a good amount of research, especially in the pediatric psychology literature base, regarding behavior difficulties and chronic illness.

There is also research examining parenting behavior and child behavior problems. However, these are both large areas of research. I am not certain, however, if there is research connecting all three of these issues (parenting skill, chronic illness, and child behavior problems). Research does exist examining "parent functioning" and subsequent effects on the behaviors of children with chronic illness.
U have to go to the website of psychology and then go to the child behavioural problems, both at home and at school, then u can also go to the child counselling part and find out the role of parents and the counseller to help solve the problem.

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