Anyone have tips to potty train an autistic 5 year old girl?

Question:I've been working with my daughter for years now. I feel I've tried it all. She wears panties because she wants to and she knows poo and pee is gross. If she has an accident, she is quick to try to clean up. Any one else been through this successfully?

TACA: Autism - Potty Training Guidelines
Potty Training Guidelines for Autistic Babies ... Autism Spectrum Consultants for their Potty Training information and Potty Chart. / I have a 4 year old with a pdd diagnosis and I have used this website he was potty trained in just two days I hope this helps If this website does not help you just go to yahoo and enter potty training and autism
Good Luck
I am not sure what the process is called but basically it goes like this: you put the child in panties for two hours, like 11am - 1pm. When the child is able to stay dry you add time. You add an hour to each side. Example 10am - 2pm then 9-3. Use pullups the other times. Eventually she will be able to stay dry the entire day. You shouldn't worry about night time right now. Hope that helps.

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