Are u happy that school is out??

Question:Why??Cause i am i going to the 7th grade!!

No not really...First of all i miss my freinds.Second of all im starting middleschool! Third of all i moved so i have to go to a whole diffrent school with people who i dont know and Fourth of all Im not good at making friends!!
I don't go to school but I am happy that school is coming to a close for many states. Evenwhen I finish school it still affects my commute. Wake County Schools here in NC are switching to year round schedules so they go to school for several weeks and they are off for another several weeks. Which is confusing but totally changes the pattern against other school systems.

Well you enjoy your summer vacation. Drop your text books and read comics, No more tests, plenty of sun, wear your bathing suit instead of a schoolsuit. Summer is the best season of all.
i'm happy cuz i get to do lots of things
over the summer.
and also i'm heading to a high school this year,
which makes me feel excited cuz i have
many friends at the high school.
No i am not and i have 4 kids i'm glad i'll get to see them because i work weekends and miss them when they are in school. Of coarse i'll be ready for school to start again in about 2 weeks LOL
I am not out of school yet. I am not that happy that school is ending; I have nothing to do over the summer, nothing fun anyway. I have to go to summer school (for the first time) and other stuff. I will also miss my friends. I think we have homework over summer, too . . .
Actually My kids still have four more days, but yes I will be glad. I like having them home and summer is fun for them and me. Good Luck with your Summer, Have fun!
awwwwwwwww your going to be a sevy lol im going to the 8th grade haha 7th grade was the hardest grade ive ever went too good luck
Honestly, I pretty much flunked grade 7.I am going into grade 8 next year and I'm hoping it will be a lot easier.
Grade 7 is great though.You get a lot more privileges and more responsibility.

You'll LOVE it!

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