Being Blind or Deaf?

Question:Hint: Deaf can do anything more than Blind can do.

I would rather be deaf than blind. The deaf can use sign language or write things down to communicate. They can learn to read lips as well. You cannot teach a blind person to see what they cannot see. Braille is not a very helpful tool because very little is printed in Braille.

The world is less accommodating to those losing their vision. I know this for a fact because I am legally blind. When tried to get a post secondary education, there was a deaf girl who was given a full time assistant to type everything on to a computer screen to she could see what was being said. She had cochlear implants and could lip read as well. I on the other hand was not given an aide to type things on a computer in large lettering so I could see what was on the Blackboard. Or handouts were in small prints so I could not see what was on them.

It is a load of crock about other senses developing to compensate. You tend to rely on the other functioning senses but they are not any better because we have lost one of our senses. I was not born blind, in fact I had 20/20 vision, but when I started losing my vision at the age of 11, my other senses did not suddenly become better.
deaf because i already know ALS (American Sign Language)
I don't understand. But if you're looking for a job Danville Kentucky has a school for the deaf.
First of all, your question could use some revising.

Blind and deaf people are able to compensate for their disabilities in different ways, allowing each one of them to more easily live as normal a life as possible. Each sense becomes more acute to compensate for the lost one.

Therefore, it's difficult to say whether or not a deaf person has an advantage over the other, though obviously certain things are not possible in respect to deafness and blindness.

Hopefully this clarifies.
Helen Keller said, "Being blind was a handicap of mobility, being deaf, a handicap of human communication."
guess it depends on what is important to you.
just to let u know that i am hard of hearing and i have a learning disablitlty also
i would say being deaf is better then being blind, seeing is better. but thank god that i dont have those symptons..

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