10th board should be abolished?

why only 10th board....
abolish the complete education system....12th board...graduation..post graduation...doctrate.

come on friends, we have been talking about the facts that children at age wen they are in 10th finds it difficult to handle pressure and commit suicide...but more students commit suicide in colleges ! but dat doesn't mean we should abolish it !
the things which needs to be abolish are parents pride in gossipping about their child achievement.its almost a status symbol in many families that whose child scores highest.and in this stupid pathetic race, the only one who suffers in that poor class 10th student who is not allowed to play, not allowed to see tv...to be precise its a formal harrasment which should be abolished rather than making changes to education system....because class 10 is not that difficult now..cbse has already made it so easy that average percentage in most schools are crossing 80 %..
look at the results this year..u'll know the truth after real analysis...

howz dat :)
no it should not,in fact students with fear of examination or have some learning disability should be allowed to go ahead to college after they have appeared and they same is proved by tests and certified by the school.
Abolish CBSE or ICSE, but you won't get out of giving examinations. So, why worry about it. Just give it like any examination. You don't have to give it everytime and it isn't going to last forever.

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