|3+4i| is equal to.?

Question:Can someone please help me with this problem...

the absolute value of 3 plus 4i.

well how I'd do it is just simply change the 4i into the square root of negative 1

so it'd be |3+4(negative square root of 1)|
and just work from there
i is the imaginary number equal to the square root of -1

so i suppose you could write
The "absolute value" (vertical bars) is akin to length. |-2| = |2| = 2 = distance from zero.

Consider the complex numbers as points on a plane, whereas the natural numbers are points on a line.

The question is asking how far away from the point 0+0i is the point 3+4i. Big hint: think right-angled triangle.

(NB: You asked for help, not the answer!)
hiii..its simple..
a complex no. z=3+4i
mod of z is l3+4il
la+ibl=square root of a^2+b^2(square of a +square of b)
n da ans shud b "5"

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