28 on ACT good score?

Question:I just got my score today i got a 28 (93 percentile)...i was wondering if i should retake it..my cumulative gpa is 3.86 but my gpa for soph and junior is 3.94...is that good enough to get into Geroge Washington or similar universities?? also if you guys could name a few universities similar to George Washington..

28 is a good descent score, so you should be proud of yourself.
I believe that's about 1870 on the SAT.
With that score and with that GPA, I'm sure you'll get into the college you want to get into.
I recommend you to take it again, because you may possibly increase your score.
Just take more practice exams and you'll do fine.
Good job!
I think 28 is at the bottom of the range that colleges take, colleges don't take a 28 over a 27, they group all the students that got a 28, 29, 30 and 31 and those people are all considered the same ACT score.
So if you got a 28 and you'd need to get to a 32 to get the next level, you probably don't need to retake it.

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