ACT scores...?

Question:I took the ACT in February and I got a composite score of 30.
I wasn't planning on retaking it but most schools require the writing section and I did really bad on it. (I scored in the 7th percentile.) Should I retake the whole thing to raise my writing score, or not even bother?

If the college you want to attend requires the writing then take it again. This might affect the english courses you can take. It won't hurt to take it again.
A composite of 30 is pretty good - and it's difficult to believe that you did that badly on the writing part if you have a composite score of 30. Do some research on the schools that most interest you and try to determine if that will have a major impact.
On average, some universities require a minimum of a 21 or 22 for an ACT score, so you did really well! I wouldn't worry about your writing test if you're planning on going to a state university school.
retake it, i got 35 the 4th time i took it, you can send in the scores you want so it doesn't hurt you. It sounds like you weren't familiar w/ the writing section so you could rly improve. Actually, I'm not sure your scores are possible...Did you get 36s on everything else?

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