1420 on sat is this good?

Question:1420 on sat i want 2 go 2 fashion school is this good enough

For most fashion schools that is fine.

Good Luck!
depends which fashion school
try visiting princetonreview.com
and collegeboard.org

or for better results..look into the fashion colleges and see what their responces are

i wish the best of luck, and good job!
either way if its new test or old test, sat scores should be good enough if u scored higher on the english.
1420 on the new scale (2400) or the old scale (1600). if its the old scale, for sure! if its the new scale I'd be wary...

when applying show an interest in art, i think it helps.

good luck!!
Fasion school eh? well at least you're not aiming high.
For regular school, no. For Fashion School? YES! You GO GIRL!
The best possible score on the SAT is a 2400, a score achieved by just hundreds of the more than a million students who take the SAT each year. The average SAT score is about 1540.
Depends on the college, but for fashion school, yes this should be fine.
Here are some rough, unofficial estimates of the average SAT score at various schools. The average isn't necessarily the score you need to get into a college--there are plenty of factors other than SAT score at work, and by definition half of the students at any school are below the average. But it's a good ballpark figure if you're trying to decide whether your SAT score is good enough.

Harvard - 2200
Williams - 2125
University of Virginia - 2000
UCLA - 1900
Iowa State - 1825
Ohio State - 1800
DePaul - 1750
Arizona - 1700
Indiana University- 1650
Did you get 1420 by adding your best two sections, or is that your score score for all three sections?
If that's your score for your best two (1600 scale), then it's a very good score. Provided you have a good GPA, your score should be enough to get you into the university of your choice.
If that's your cumulative score for all three sections, you really need to take it again.

Jeez - I feel old now! I didn't even realize that the SAT was being scored on the 2400 scale now. When I took it (14 years ago, back in the dark ages), it was on the 1600 scale. I made 1440 and was in a position to go to the university of my choice.

Good luck!
i went to fashion school, and can tell you that most good programs that focus on arts are not going to look closely at your test scores - because most truly talented creatives don't do as well on the analytical tests created by academics.

just focus on having a great portfolio and remember, while getting into fashion school may be easy the actual programs are not... be prepared for long nights in lab and really hard work. many fashion schools have an 80% dropout rate because people think it will be all fun and prada then realize it's hard work and sweats if you want to make the cut - and because fashion is a super cut throat all or nothing industry, you really do want to be in the top 3% of your class or you'll probably never get a paying job.

good luck!
Don't beat yourself up on scores. Get to know the schools before you decide.
Every school, university or college, has minimum criterias that you must achieve to be accepted to their school. Additionally, every school has admissions counselors that will give you advice on what you need, scores, etc. to attend their school. Take their advice.

Best of luck.

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