590 on SAT Physics subject test, should I retake?

Question:Hi, I will be in the 10th grade starting in Sept. I took my physics subject test in June, and my score is only 590. I realize this is fairly low score. The question is , should I retake it or should I just forget it and move on to other subject tests in the future? Thanks!

I think you should. You are SOOOO CLOSE to not having to take the course again in college/university. You always want to score +600 on Subject tests. College Board has an average score for each subjects, and if you meet at least the average scores, you'll be fine. And DONE with one of your subject tests. Good luck.
To be honest with you, 590 as a freshman in high school is a very decent score. But I would recommend you to take other physics courses offered at your school to hit the 700s through your schooling. Congrats on the 590 as a 9th grader. Some colleges offer college credit for a certain score on the subject tests and I think it would be an easy way to be exempt from elementary physics in college.
Your in 10 grade! Take a break, and maybe later if you want redue the test but your a smart kid. You dont need to stress. People that are 17 years old cant even get that score.

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