Alternative Study Abroad programs?

Question:I really want to study abroad in Japan and in Germany. My university offers a program, but only by semester.. I would like to take a two-week or a month long visit, are their any independent programs that offer this to college juniors and what is the cost?

Check out world link education for Japan. You can go for as little as 2 weeks and as much as one full year. You can get credit for this but it'll cost you. This is a good program, it has starting dates whenever you wanna go, and the costs are comparable to study abroad.
Your best place to look is It's a search engine for programs like the ones that you're looking for. It helped me find the program that I eventually went abroad with (Lexia).

Typically, programs that last 2-4 weeks are quite expensive in comparison to programs that last a few months or a semester. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars, plus airfare. The experience is worth the cost... but going for longer is a better experience, and it costs less, so you might want to reevaluate your plans :)

When I read "Alternative Study Abroad," the first thing I thought of was i-to-i Travel. The URL is
Its cheap, best & easy option for computer science (IT) education

JSS International Institute of Professional Studies, JSS Technical Institutions campus, Mysore, India offers National Diploma (Computing) for 10th pass or equivalent and Higher national Diploma (Computing) for 12th pass or equivalent. These courses are certified by Edexcel, International, one of the main examination board of UK. After HND students can directly join for final year bachelors degree course in computer science in UK, US , Australia or Singapore. Course duration ND 2 Years and HND 2 years. Method of assessment based on assignment, class test and projects.
for details visit call 918212410255

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