To all the satisfied teachers out there...♥?

Question:how did you know that teaching is what your wanted to do?
How much do u get paid & how much do u get paid over time?

Teaching isn't something that you find out you want to do ... it is something you just know that you want to do. My first job out of college was not teaching, because I thought that I had to be "successful" like everyone else in my graduating class.

Well, now I know that I am successful, although that does not mean making a lot of money. When you can help a student learn, grow, and mature, you have been successful. You have made a difference. You have become that person that allows everyone else to be the doctors and lawyers and high paying professions that our society leads us all to believe we are "supposed" to be.

My district pays fairly well and I make mid-upper 40's, but that is rare in most places unless you've been teaching many years. But you have summers "off" when you can do other things or perfect your lessons or even work part-time. I also tutor privately during the school year after school which helps. You won't get overtime unless you coach or run an extracurricular activity, but I bet that if you are meant to be a teacher, that will end up not even mattering to you!
I didn't know that teaching was what I wanted to do. I didn't know what I wanted to do so I decided to give teaching a shot and ended up loving it. In my opinion, there is no better profession in the world.
I make between $30-35k per year (I've been teaching 4 yrs) and there is no such thing as overtime pay in the teaching profession (at least not that I've ever heard of).
I prayed long and hard... I have always loved the idea of teaching anyway... I make only $34,000 a year but would not be satisfied doing something else. Where I teach there is no such thing as Over Time. Our county is the lowest paid in the state.
I just always wanted to be a teacher. I don't remember exactly when I realized that, I just don't rememeber not wanting to be a teacher. I make a little over $40,000 and this was my 4th year. However, the cost of living in my county is extremely high, so $40K is pretty much nothing. With all of that said, I wouldn't want to do anything else.
I've known my whole life that I wanted to be a teacher. We have home videos of me when I was 6 saying that I was going to teach elementary school when I grew up. And now I teach third grade! I love it and can not imagine a better career. I just finished my first year and this coming year I will make ~$32,000. It's not great pay, but teachers don't go into it for the money! As far as overtime goes, I've never heard of teachers getting overtime. Most salaried professionals don't.
Teaching wasn't something that I wanted to so -- I came into teaching all but kicking and screaming -- it was something I was genuinely CALLED to do. You know the proverbial "padded 2x4" that God thumps someone over the head with? Mine was more of a repetitious thump with a steel girder!

I started out to become a music teacher, then a minister of music, then a minister, then a teacher. I'm now an overjoyed reading specialist. Music, reading -- both involve reading, and promoting a love of it. They are so closely related it's almost scary. But both are a genuine calling, I was just misunderstanding the call I heard. I do direct choirs (have for 25 years), sing in choir, and work through our church's Prayer Shawl Ministry, but my true calling is to help the little ones who struggle with reading to become proficient readers who love reading!
Its something that I just knew I wanted to do while still in high school. It got interesting for me though when I was forced from 2nd grade (which I loved) into 6th grade. I always told people that the one area I would never want to teach was jr. high or middle school. Turns out that the jr. high level is my favorite age to teach.

I make about $35,000/yr with a couple of coaching positions added into that salary. I am entering my 12th year of teaching and I am in Nebraska, one of the lowest paying states, which explains the low salary, but we have a very low cost of living here so I am doing all right.
Growing up I'd always play school. I took a few education courses in college and I knew it was for me. I just finished my 3rd year and can't imagine another path in life. Next school year I'll make around 47,000 but I live in the bay area. A very HIGH cost of the math that isn't much of anything. However, no complaints here because I love teaching :). I don't get paid "overtime" however if I teach Intervention (extra hour before or after school) I get paid $35 an hour however after taxes it is more like $20...Any extended duties we do in our district the pay is $35/hour.
I was unsure even while still in college. I knew the sciences was for me, but the choosing of a career was really scary. I spent a year (junior year of college) looking at every career. I took classes in other fields, i found people to follow around at their jobs, I searched out people to talk to.. I put alot of time into this. Every teacher I talked to loved their job, the idea of lesson crafting appealed to me (good thing i didnt know about forced curriculum then :P) but i still was unsure untill i substituted immediately out of college. It only took a couple of weeks before I could see myself with my own classroom. Even though that first year was hectic, I knew I would be in the classroom forever.

Los Angeles pay is 45k to start, up to 79k at the end of your career.

good luck!

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