"How did you feel when teaching the class for the first time"?

Question:how was the experience in teaching for the first time.

I was nervous and excited and couldn't wait to use all of the teaching strategies that I had learned in my credential program. Of course you fumble a lot at first and the overhead projector gets in the way and you forget what you're going to say or you talk too much...but all in all it's the BEST experience. Yay for new teachers! :)
The very first day? Terrified. I was so scared my first day of student teaching.

On my first day in my own classroom, I was a little nervous, but having gone through student teaching, I wasn't scared.

I was more scared when I took over a class that had not had a teacher for three weeks into the school year than I was when I started my own from the beginning of the year. As I get closer to the new school year, I can't imagine not being a little nervous. Not apprehensive, just a little excited mixed with the uncertainty of the unexpected.

best of luck!
I was scared to death. I got over it pretty quick after a friend gave me some words of wisdom. Don't tell thats its your first time, most may not even know that you don't do this everyday.
Act like its old hat, most will think it is. Be PREPARED. Go in early, set up your room/area, try out all electronics. Relax and enjoy.
I was so nervous my first day teaching.

I still get a little nervous at the start of each semester. I think its more of an excited nervousness now opposed to the terrified nervousness the first time ever.
I was so nervous that I was sweating profusely and nearly passed out.
I was so exhausted after the first day of teaching, that at the red light, with my A/C going full blast, I fell asleep at the wheel.
Luckily the car behind me honked and I woke up.
11 years later, I still get the old goose bumps on the first day, but no where near like I did the first time.
I was totally terrified! The whole first WEEK was a disaster --two hours in to my first day, half of my classroom roof caved in after a rain storm. The next day I fell over a chair and broke my big toe. I didn't end up getting my computer to work until 20 minutes before the bell rang on day three -- but when I look back now, I can laugh. Luckily, the last 13 years have been much better!

Good Luck...Teaching ROCKS!!
27 years and I still get butterflies! It's the smell of the new pencils and erasers!
I was hired midyear to replace a man that the kids ran off. I was clueless. Everything that they taught me in school went out the window the day I started teaching junior high. I wanted to be stern and mean. I wanted to show the kids that I meant business. In truth, I was trying to be someone I was not, and my kids knew it too. They knew my planning hour and they knew when I was not on duty. They liked to come in and talk to me and seek help with their homework then. They used to tell me that I was cool when I wasn't in the classroom and that I needed to be like this when I was in the classroom. They also told me that I needed to loosen up. It took time, but I finally got comfortable with myself and my teaching style. By the end of the year, some of the kids that caused me the most grief were my cherished ones.

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