A baseball is pitched east at 40 km/h. The batter hits it west at 40 km/h. Did the ball accelerate??

Yes, it accelerates West at 40km/h. At some point during the swing of the bat and connection with the ball, the ball comes to a complete stop, and then accelerates in the other direction as the swing continues on.
yes, the ball changed direction. therefore, it accelerated in the direction of the change in velocity.
Assuming at arrived at the plate at 40 km/h east then it accelerated by 80 km in the rate of time it took to go from 40 km/h east to 40 km/h west
Who pitched this ball, a three year old? 40 kph is only 24 mph. Unless the batter was only 30 feet away nobody could hit it fairly.
yes. the ball went twice as fast when it was hit. the bat had to stop the ball's inertia and reverse it. therefore, it accelerated to 80km/hr at the moment it was hit.

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