Is chocolate a fruit or a vegetable?

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They claim chocolate is a vegetable. Source(s):…
"Chocolate" is neither. It is a mixture of assorted toothsome products. The cacao that chocolate is primarily made from, however, is a seed from a fruit, or at least that's what I've heard.
it's a vegetable
if chocolate is a fruit, next coffee is its neither because you have to process it into chocolate form. Source(s): logic
isn't it neither?
neither, chocolate come from cocoa beans so its a bean
I believe it's a nut
It's a bean. So it's a legume.
officially classed as a vegetable
It's a meat.....made from brown cows.
Fruit. It's from the cocoa tree-Maybe it's a vegetable. doesn't really matter because by the time we get it, it's unhealthy!

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