"vu le vu cu she a vet mua"?

What does this mean:
"vu le vu cu she a vet mua"
Did you mean "Voulez Vous coucher avec moi"?

I believe it means "Would you similar to to go to bed with me?"
i agree with the twobefore me..its "voulez- vous coucher avec moi, ce soir."
which means would you approaching to lay down with me tonight?

i took french for five years..i'm pretty sure this is right..

and the SONG is actually called woman marmelade by patti labelle Source(s): my mad skills
The phrase is "Voulez vous coucher avec moi, c'est soire?" In rough translation it means "Would you sleep with me tonight" or possibly "Would you take naked for me tonight?". It is a line from an old song from the behind '70's...I believe someone called Lady Marmalade recorded it.

Oooooh, that is a TRUE blast from the past......
She is a vet

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