Advantages for children to grow up in the city?

Well, since i've grown up in the city, here's what i think:
- diversity of people
- know how to interact with different people
- street smarts
- everything is within walking distance (or easily accessible by bus)
- cultured
- confidence & well-adjusted to the environment
- less likely to be arrested or develop drug/alcohol problems b/c there is so much more to do
- can be more involved in interesting programs that interest them
- indepent

SO basically, anything bad about the city (drugs, alcohol, crime, etc.) , we get exposed to it at such a young age, we get used to it.
There are so many advantages to raising children in the city! There are more opportunities to attend cultural events, meet a wider variety of people, and learn independence. The result is a more well-rounded individual who is comfortable living anywhere. If you raise your kids in suburbia they are likely to only meet children their own ethnicity, income-level, and who are raised by parents with similar ideas. In the city they can meet all types of people so that they have a much broader understanding of the world. Cities offer museums, theaters, and great schools to educate children. Kids can also have greater independence in cities because they can walk places or take public transportation, which is also a great way to teach kids safety. Plus many parents work in the city so they could get home earlier and spend more time with their kids.
street smarts

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