American School?

Question:OK,I am taking american school, and I have filled out the application and all but where do I put what electives I chose to do? How do they know which ones I want...I am kinda freakin about this, so if you know thanks!

I started American School in August of '06. I filled out the application, sent it in. A few weeks later they sent me a school brochure along with a list of electives. I then chose my electives, they had me put a check by the 3 that I chose. I then sent that paper back in. I think I also sent a few more papers. After you enroll, they will send you a brochure and a few other thing including supplies to send your tests in with, and instructions on what to do and how to do it. Hope this helps!
You should contact the school and ask. I'm sure they would be gald to help you. :)

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