Any thoughts about Bob Jones curriculum?

Question:I've been flipping through one of their catalogs, and it looks like fairly thorough and comprehensive (but a tad expensive.) Any thoughts or feedback? (good or bad)


Bob Jones is a good curriculum and is Christ centered. I liked the English the best, I liked how it divided the grammar and writing up, so that neither became too tedious.

You can get *many* teacher's manuals second hand off of websites like Vegsource, or other second hand homechool supply places, and BJUP goes around the country and allows you to order the consumables with no shipping costs. You do not have to have all the extras and perks, which cuts down on the price as well. If you are in a church with other homeschoolers, or a co-op, you can borrow or swap as well. All these ideas help you save money on the curriculum.

Lastly, every dollar you spend at BJUP goes into an account and can be applied towards a college tuition later! Not too shabby.
Friends of mine use that curriculum. They love it. I would say it is worth the extra dollar.
We've used Bob Jones material for English/Spelling/Literature and for Science. We've used their History books in the past but have found them to be slightly too obviously biased. That is, they go out of their way to either find a Christian who contributed to an event, or put a Christian spin on the event, or otherwise try to work history into God's bigger plan. It's a worthy goal but it falls short and makes the kids think they're getting a biased view.

The way they cover the Civil War also made us uneasy. This is a touchy subject and you want it made clear that even if slavery wasn't a root cause or a primary cause or a cause at all, that it's still a bad thing and it was good that we got rid of it. I didn't get the feeling they were that excited about it. There was a bit of a feeling that the war would be better referred to as "The War of Northern Aggression". Their South Carolina roots may be a bit too deep to treat this subject with objectivity.

In the subjects mentioned above, however, we recommend their curriculum.
We've used their grammar for grades 5-9 or so and really like it. We've used their lit for grades 7-9 and liked 7 & 8 a whole lot but so far don't like 9 as well.
We've used their science for grades 2-9 and really like it; we've used HomeSat for science.
We've used their history for grade 4-9 and like it.

We used their math and did not like it.
We used their spelling and it was about like any other program.
Excellent product!
The Spelling, Reading, Grammar, Science and History books are all very thorough. Our kids like the pictures and the stories in the different textbooks and workbooks.
I would definitely recommend them.
On their website you can see multiple sample pages in the different workbooks.
I love Bob Jones--especially their revised science editions. It's obviously a textbook approach, and many homeschoolers choose more literature-based curricula, so you may not get as many answers here as you are expecting. Bob Jones is written for a school setting, and many private schools use it, so you might want to re-post this question in another area if you don't get a whole lot of responses here.

Also, below is a site of curriculum reviews by homeschool parents. If you scroll down to "BJU Press," you can read several different opinions about this curriculum.
I've never been particularly happy with "boxed" curricula - too much like the public schools trying to make every kid fit the same mold. I pick and choose which curricula to use based on the child's learning style and interests. I've looked at Bob Jones materials before, but never liked them enough to use them.

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