Are home schoolers smarter than children in public school?

Question:A friend of mine home schools and she said that home shoolers are smarter than other children and i am wondering if that is true. i have done some research and i am beggining to think that is true.

I think so because there is no distraction between other students, the teacher is focusing on one student,etc.
I don't think its true.
I tried being home schooled and it take a lot of self discipline to do it.
I never did my work and I ended up going to a private school and I think I have learned so much more at school than I did at home.
I guess it just depends on the person.
Don't worry you are not stupid just because you aren't home schooled.
I really think so. They have more attention, better books, a clear set of lesson plans, structure, quiet, interaction and a broader exposure to subjects. They also do better at standardized testing.

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I attempted to homeschool my oldest girl. She is right about the discipline issue but her grades did improve noticably after I took her out of public school.
They are not smarter. They sure do have many academic and social advantages over those who attend standard schools. It's whether they use them or not that determins just how "smart" they are.
Some because they can get better 1 on 1 education at home!!
I think that it really depends on the child, where (s)he functions better, and the environment. Some kids are more intelligent when they are in school, others when they are more freelance. Also, it depends on what you mean by smarter.
It all depends on the home schooler. Yes some of them are intelligent and some of them aren't. But answer to your question is....kinda. LOL Some of them are just so anti-social they have nothing better to do except study and do homework. But if you do your research it is said that we home schoolers are smarter. But I don't know
IN some or even most cases yes. Because when you are homeschooled you can have things better explained to you rather than in a class of 20 or 30 where your questions may not be answered. Also with homeschooling, you work with what you feel comfortable and you can work further ahead finish early where as in a classroom you have certain restrictions you have to follow. And people dont say its cause homeschoolers are freaks with no lives so they just study all the time because there are people that go to public schools that just study all the time so dont say its just the homeschoolers.
No. Home schoolers are not smarter than children in public school. They just have more educational and social advantages. Their education is not dictated by government officials nor is it directed to the masses. It is guided by caring parents directed to the student's individual learning style. They can choose curriculum that fits their learning style and interests. They can take as long as necessary to learn what they want to learn. Socially, they are not confined to age group and four walls.
They have free time after studies to volunteer, have fun with friends, and do whatever they wish to do. In my opinion, the socialization with a teacher directing the time and place of socialization sounds confining.
some home schooler are smarter because they have the lots of hours to study a particular lesson but on the other side students in public schools are more smarter because they have a chance to communicate and interact with other students. not only their minds are developed but also their social skills.
lol i been homeschool since 6th to 12th grade and yes homeschool kids are much smarter than public school because they get special attention and learn alot more...
First, you need to define "smart". Are we talking book smart or street smart? Are we talking general knowledge or the ability to apply that knowledge? Are we talking natural ability or nurtured ability?

The fact is, homeschoolers TEND to score better on standardized tests - does that mean they are "smarter" or is it because they have had better educational opportunities? Is it the personalized attention?

Without a solid definition for "smart, it is impossible to answer this question.
NO! I think that homeschoolers sometimes have more advantages than publicschoolers. Just because you are homeschooled doesn't mean you are any smarter or dumber.just that you may have more advantages. Now, my son is in the 7th grade and has more advantages in public school than homeschooled while my daughter is in 4th grade and I find her to have more advantages at home. It all depends on the child and how they thrive!
In general, homeschooled children are neither more nor less smart than any other child. In a well taught homeschool, the individual child's needs and learning style can be catered to, thus the child will be able to learn more, faster than a publicly educated child. Learning potential is different for every child regardless of the location of their education.
Smarter means innately more intelligent. If that were the case, it means that they were more intelligent to begin with.

Homeschoolers, on the whole (certainly not EVERY homeschooler) are more knowledgeable, more analytical, more mature in their thinking. This will have them come across as smarter. But it depends a lot on the student and how they are homeschooled for this to take place.
I don't think it that home schooled children are smarter, it's that their minds are better nurtured. Often homeschoolers have a love of learning that public schooler lost early on.

If they don't understand something, the teacher has plenty of time to give her student. If they understand a concept right away, they don't have to do two weeks of busy work while the rest of the class figures it out. If they're really interested in something, their teacher can take as long as they'd like to learn about it. They spend about 4 hours a day doing school and then they are free to learn from the world. They have access to people of varying ages and interests so they learn from them too. And most homeschool parents make almost everything a learning experience.

There are plenty of smart kids in public schools and some will actually thrive there, but most will only survive.
That depends on how disciplined the parents are who do the teaching at home. Those children tend to have shorter attention spans and are not disciplined or structured.
I would say test the homeschool kids and the public school kids together using the same testing and we shall see.
Some public schools are so bad that it's a danger for our kids to be in them. But you can't judge them all by this standard.
I think public school kids will be better equipped to face the real world.
Some are, some aren't.

Homeschool, to be successful, requires 3 elements

1. A good program
2. Self-starting students
3. Parental control or supervision leading to ACCOUTABILITY

Public schools generally only offer #3

#1 is optional and varies from area to area
#2 is a wild card
it could possibly be true because homeschooled kids focus more on studies than on anything else. But that doesn't apply to All cases because there are nerds in schools :) basically, though, it is very probable.
Sometimes it is true, sometimes it is not. Just like in school. I think one of the differences is that homeschoolers as a whole (not all, though) tend to enjoy learning and public schoolers (again, not all of them) seem to go because they have to.
Anyone can be smart if they work hard at it. Generally speaking, homeschoolers work harder because, as some one pointed out, it takes a lot of self-discipline.
This can be looked at a few ways.

First, most homeschooled kids are not specifically smarter, but more SMARTLY EDUCATED. They don't spend time in the hallways, at lunch, 'study halls' with no studying, classes that they won't use, etc. So my kids for example are taught to their interests, their needs, their requirements.

Also, there are dumb kids everywhere, just as there are dumb parents and dumb teachers everywhere.

Homeschool depends on what the parent puts into it. Just as public school education depends on getting a teacher that is good enough to make you really GET the information, right?

Which is more likely, overall, to really CARE if you get it? Probably most often, the parents.
Sometimes. Not always, though. Hs'ers have the benefit of one on one attention, so they are apt to learn more. It just depends on how dedicated the parent and student are.

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