How do I get hold of started home schooling my large arts school son?

Answers:    That's a lot to ask! I guess if I be you I'd look into my state's homeschool laws (they will be online: run to HSLDA's website and link from there), and see if you can find some local homeschoolers who can relieve you get started (if you don't know any your local librarians may be capable of contact someone for you). Then you'll need to look at what your son have already completed, where he is in a minute with schoolwork, and his and your goal for him. It's a good entry to do over the summer if you can wait that long. Good luck!
I suggest reading 'the state-of-the-art guide to homeschooling' by Debra Bell. It is available in most libraries. Find out your state law at joining is also a good belief. Google homeschool groups in your nouns. When I did I had three local groups come up.

There are so frequent choices in how you homeschool. You can buy textbook for each course, comprehendsive materials that cover adjectives major subjects, DVD courses, independant study through university, and even more.

BYU offers big school courses online.

I would start by reading and praying.

if you want to start homeschooling, be in motion to they will help u bring your high academy diploma at home at your own pace no rush
It depends on what state you are contained by.

I used to do,

They were really moral.

However I don't suggest homeschooling, but those were polite programs.

First make sure your state allows it and what the rules are, subsequent make sure the program is credited, you can try out most imagined it will be in your state.. Good Luck
First find out your state law.

Then you need to investigate curricula:

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