"niether students or teachers shed their constitutional rights of freedom of speech or expression at school"?

Question:1. explain how the point of view expressed in the excerpt above could conflict with the functioning of a school?\

2. do you agree or disagree with the position taken in this excerpt? explain

Both students and teachers have the right to learn and work in an environment free from hostility; therefore, freedom of speech does not apply. At the elementary/secondary levels education is supported through tax dollars in addition to state and federal funds. Because of this funding certain "rules" apply to what can and cannot be said or presented educationally. At the college level there are still state and federal funds, but the students pay to attend and as such have the right "not" to be in a hostile or harassing environment.

I do not believe individuals have the right to say whatever they want in a classroom under the guise of learning. I believe though differing opinions should be presented that the debate or discussion should be controlled out of respect for individual beliefs. It should also be tailored to the content of the course to be relevant.

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