Any one can think of a nice name for this activity class? i need your creativity?

Question:we are thinking of ceating an extra activity efl class for 5 year olds. the activity will include recycling, drama, and cooking. there already is an activity class called english club, and there is an activity class for art. what we need is an attractive name for this class -one that attracts the eye and make people ask about it.

I would call it "Home Smart Skills" you could even venture into other areas that could fall under this name such as gardening, cleaning, shopping, etc.
Good Luck it sounds like a great school!
With the cooking and the recycling I would have said Home Economics, or Basic/Good Life Skills, or Early Start on Life's Basics, but don't know if drama would fit into the same category.
Here's an idea. I work in preschool and we call our dramatic play center "Pretend and Learn". I'm thinking you could call your activity class by that name. Or maybe build on that: "Life Skills...Let's Pretend and Learn". What do you think?
Heads on
Homeliving club
The Preshcool Pizzaz
i would call it playful pizzaz play just a funky name the more unusual a name more people would ask about it hope i help if ia little

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