A leaving present for a student.?

Question:Hi all,

Just a quick note... :)

We currently have a student on her CCE placement with us who is absolutley fabulous, lots of initative, great with the children etc, and we will be sad to see her go. :-\

Anyway, it is her last week next week, and I have got her a hardback art folder, and was hoping to put a nice quote in; whether its about children, working in childcare etc, and then do I leave it blank... or I had thought I could put some art work the children have done in the art folder so she has ideas for different projects when she leaves, or head up everY couple of pages with a heading, ie Sensory play and then put some ideas down so again she has it as a resource for when she later works with children, or to help her with her course... :)

Any suggestions greatly recieved. :)

TIA :)

Well, I just finished my student teaching. The teacher gave me the sweetest parting gift ( I had kindergarten). She took them one by one and had them complete the sentence.. I love Miss. Parrish because...and she would write their answers and then they drew pictures. She compiled it into a book. I love it and will treasure it for the rest of my life. If she is like me though, she will love anything because she loved the children!!
I think the suggestions you have are great, but to add to it you could do a collage using photographs of the children your student worked with, adding a short sentence (you could ask them to say what they think of her) or even a word. Whenever she open her folder, she will be reminded of a great placement!
put some examples of art that influences you that way she's compelled to learn more about them.
I don't know how old your students are, but if they are old enough to write, this is one of my favorite ideas for student teachers. Have your students write letters "To Whom it May Concern" and the letter is all about why your student teacher should be hired. They can praise her on what she is good at and why they like her. Also, they can write about a couple of her best lessons that she did with them. It is a way of praising her AND when she graduates and starts looking for jobs, she can include some of these in her portfolio that she takes with her to interviews...
All the suggestions you have made are great, you could also have have the children do a hand print with their name and how much they will miss her or why they like her.
I would definitely put a written reference or letter extolling her good points as this will be useful as she moves to other placements.
i think you should leave it blank, that way it can be more personal to her
As an early childhood infant/tooder teacher at a center I also loved giving parting gifts to interns and student orkers who went on upon graduation (university-based center). I believe that some students go above and beyond their responsibilities and are truely dedicated to the field and they derserve special recognition. I was neverimpressed with mediocracy in the field and I had student who would rather have a "sit down job" therefore I really didn't think they needed anything from me upon their departure. In the workforce today, employees who are enthusiastic and proactive get recognized and move ahead. They is no room for unmotivated people to get special incentives.

Anyways: I LOVE the idea of the art folder. I ALWAYS gave my students resource articles and resource sheets with open-ended art ideas, as well as ideas for setting up the differnt centers of the classroom. I also did a photo collage for the students and laminated it (student really like this as tthey can display it easily in thir room, next job etc.) I've done CD's (mixes of either "quiet music" or "playtime music") so they have something they can take with them if they are going to work with children.

I am glad you have had such a positive experince. With the ECE field being so poorly recognized by the higher powers as an important profession, it is crucial that we keep those good future teachers in the field for years to come!

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