Activities for 4-12 yr. olds @ church daycare?

Question:i babysit the kids of church employees. what activities could i have them do? crafts, games, learning experiences, etc. please keep in mind that they must be simple enough for a 4 year old to understand but mature enough for a 12 year old to enjoy. thanks a bunch! (ps.-i have already combed

Have them put on a play. the younger kids will love wearing costumes, learning a simple poem or song to recite, doing a dance or such. The older kids could get involved making scenery, longer speaking parts, making costumes, etc... Have a make your own pizza day- you can use a toaster oven and bagels or english muffins then let everyone put their own toppings on. Planting a garden, there are tons of books you could read to the little one's about what makes a garden grow, then have a fall veggie stand for the older kids to run and use the proceeds for a special year end party or activity for all.
Just type in pre-school activities for your age group on google you will be amazed at what pops up
You can always do arts and crafts, or make masks and collages from recycled materials. Check out the free printables and other crafts for kids at this site:

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