Coloring Pages for chores?!?

Question:I am looking for a website that offers coloring pages for chores. Example: you set goals for the child, i.e. chores to be accomplished and at the end of the day when they are done they get to color an apple on the tree. Once they have colored in all the apples the child receives a prize i.e. like a day at the park or getting to go to the library to pick out a book. I am looking for pages that would be used for children 4-10. Thanks!


They have several types of charts including coloring charts.
Great idea! I don't know of one, but will keep my eyes open.
Why not make it out of colored construction paper? They can just glue on the apple using a glue stick. Or list the chores or goals down a piece of paper and days of the week across the top. A sticker could be put on when each chore is completed - sticker could be a smiley face or star.Kids are encouraged when they see they are making progress.

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