Academic or teaching obstacle that you have encountered and how you overcame that obstacle?

Being young, working at a high school, and having teenage boys think they can put their arms around me! It was really tough when I started because nobody wants their students to hate them and I was the new person. It was also difficult not only being young, but also being petite. Then I asked my boss what to do. He said the key is consistency. I'm in my second year there and now the students know "I don't like to be touched." I guess it's not really academic, but it was definitely a problem!
Working with 2 Emotionally Behaviorally Disturbed children at the same time. One would bully the other and both were hard to teach. They were a distraction to the class and hindered learning. The one had a horrible upbringing so it was hard to discpline him. So we put him on a behavior contract that made him keep up with his own behavior. He was allowed to pick something he wanted to do at the end of the week if he behaved. This was hopeless for he could not make it through one day without threatening me or another student.
Every day I went into class reminding myself of his past and finding a new way to show him I cared for him. Even through discipline and harsh words I showed him I cared by finishing with "I will not let you ruin your future for you are too bright" or some encouraging words that showed that he was hindering himself and that I was taking charge and cared. This helped a little but for me to overcome it and be able to move on was to remember what made him that way.

Also, in college I got really sick and made a 2.3 gpa my first couple of years. But after 8 surgeries 5 years and 4 full load summers I pulled it up to a 3.4 with a 4.0 my last year and summer!!

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