10 Points for the first person to tell me who was the youngest British PM, How old and what year ellected?

William Pitt in 1783 aged 24
I will settle for 2 points thanks x
Bart Simpson, 6, 2008
lord liverpool, robert banks jenkinson, elected 1812, age 42


ok i'm prob wrong but worth a try...
in fact wrong and too late, must be time to turn this off and goto sleep!!
cheers for 2 points anyhow...
William Pitt, 1783-1801 in office, was only 24-years-old.
who cares?
Haha no clue
William Pitt in 1783.He was 24 years old.
William Pitt was the youngest Prime Minister in British history. Pitt was only a mere 24 yrs old when he was elected in 1783.
william pitt -Born: 28 May 1759 in Hayes, Kent

First entered Parliament: 8 January 1781

Age he became PM: 24 years, 205 days and 44 years, 348 days

Maiden speech: 26 February 1781 on the debate on Edmund Burke's motion for the reintroduction of the Bill for Economical Reform

Total time as PM: 18 years, 343 days

Died: 23 January 1806 at Putney Heath, London
William Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister in 1783 at the age of 24.

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