Are there any high schools in your area that are for Asperger's children?

Question:In the SF Bay Area there is such a school, called Orion Academy, which was perhaps the first or one of the first. I was curious as to how many more have sprung up. A lot, I hope.

A school full of Aspies. You can have a building full of super intelligent rocket-scientist types that can't tie their shoes. Its cool though, the Mr. Bean character is an Aspie and he is the man.
I don't believe in segregating children with Aspergers. My brother has Aspergers and I believe his becoming friends with normally developing children and adjusting to a world that isn't going to segregate him for his disability is the type of message he needed and still needs. I like the idea of the school being available for parents that are afraid their children might not fit in, but personally I would not enroll my child there and I'm glad my brother wasn't isolated like that.
I would like to add that I do see your point. I am a teacher and I definately understand what you mean about the quality of education being low and that being your motive for placing your son at that particular school. I applaud you for wanting the best for your son. I didn't mean to offend you.
I don't know of any schools like that around here. I don't think segregation is the answer either. They need group therapy to learn how to better fit in. That can be done without having separate schools. They need to be able to interact in the real world.

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