Do u spell it awww or ahhhh ?

Question:wen u think sumthing is sweet or cute and u type it do u spell it as awwww or ahhhhh personally i spell it as awww bcos ahhh is looks like ur screamin or summinc. just wondering ?

awww!: when something is cute or adorable
ahhhh!: to breath out air; a sigh of relief; relaxing
aaaah!: a scream
I do the same as you Awwww, Ahhhhh sounds like something you'd say if you were describing someone jumping out at you!
Chick pea, you would do well to clean up your regular spelling before trying to determine if aww or ahh is correct. SO much was incorrect in your question!!

Spell check is just for people like YOU!!
aaaawwww!! when you're being affectionate or something is sweet
Whatever turns you on! baby.
aw, that's cute!
ah, I see!
Definitely 'aww', I thought that was already generally accepted anyway.
depends if i am comming or going
It's ahhhhhh in English, but awwwww in American.

But I think you should work on your spelling of normal words first!
Awwww how cute.
Ahhhh how scary!
I use awhh, with as many h's as you want, or w's, but remember, it is not a real word, so you can make it any way you want to express what you want
I would say Awww

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