Can anyone recommend a good book to give as a gift to teachers?

Question:I was planning on giving my pre-k and kindergarten kids teachers a nice book as a thank you for there help, by the end of the school year. Can anyone recommend any good books, they are both females one is young with a new baby, and the other one is older and Jewish. I was thinking of a beach bag full of goodies for the summer for them. Please help...

What a nice thought! My wife is a teacher and doesn't get squat.
I wouldn't get any children's books for them, since that's what they read for work, but something for a grown-up. If you know what they might like, fiction or thrillers or romance, etc., I could suggest some authors (well, not for romance). Might I also suggest books on tape instead of the book itself. Maybe the one with the new baby could use a baby-scrapbook to keep track of all the "firsts".
If you don't really know, then a gift card would be nice.
chicken soup for the teachers soul
How strange... i was also gonna say chicken soup for the teacher's soul... it's a sign! Buy it for her!! :-)
Most teachers I know have an incredible collection of children's books that they cherish and love to read to students.

Some of my favorites are:

"Miss Nelson is Missing"
"The Giving Tree"
"The Lorax"
"The Polar Bear Express"
"Harold and the Purple Crayon"

Basically pick something with beautiful illustrations and a story that might appeal to the teacher.
How about a gift card to a bookstore instead so they can choose a book?

If not- the Dr. Seuss book "Yurtle the Turtle and other stories" is also a great book!
the previous responders all have good ideas, but heres some more
the best idea is the one to give a gift card to a bookstore so they can choose one of their own or choose one to add to their collection for use in the classroom.often teachers place a card or note in the book to honor the student or family that donated it..

also good are gift cards from other local restrauants or stores, and most cherished is a gift made by your child or yourself (that your child helped to make)
Why not give them a book token. They may already have the book you want to give them
The older one might like Madame Curie by Eve Curie, if you can still find it. A marvelous read, starts off with Marie as a 4 year old carrying blocks for her older brother who is throwing them at his sisters, who are hiding behind a blockade they fashioned and just as heartily throwing blocks at him and Marie. In other words, it starts off in the middle of a children's war. A totally lyrically written book.

the young one might like The First 3 years of Life by Burton White (not that lady's book with the same title and same last name). Dr. White was with Harvard Project and he got research data from students who went into people's homes and observed parents with their kids. A fabulous book on the best toys to buy and what behavior to expect at each stage of baby's life until age 3.
I love getting gift cards.
Make sure it is somewhere they can go and find what they want, whether it be for themselves or the classroom.
Favorites I've received include Target, a great fondue restaurant and a message.
I've had great and appreciative parents :-)
I would agree with others who posted here that the best gift for the teachers is a nice thank you card or note and a gift card or certificate for a book store. Most teachers love to read and I imagine they'll be very grateful for your generosity. However, if you really want a book recommendation, I suggest...

"Someday" by Alison McGhee; ill. by Peter H. Reynolds

Quite simply, I can think of no, N-O, better book to give a mom right now. It's a relatively new book (published earlier this year). It traces the lives of a mom and her daughter and the triumphs and heartache the girl experiences as she grows older. The ending will bring a tear to your eye.
Books by Greive. They are great little gift books. Really lift the soul. One is the called the BLUE DAY BOOK its simple cute but its a thoughtful gift and very different. Take a look...
The Dictionary. its a great book.
Teachers usually have a great deal of books, as a preschool teacher myself a beach bag full of goodies sounds nice, however gift cards to a local department store, etc are even better.
how to be a good teacher for dummies

Instead of a book how about Imagingo- It's a bingo game where you submit your photos and they create a custom bingo game for you. It should be a great gift. Include photos of the students. I did it for my teacher and she absolutely loved it.
I agree that if you want to give the book theme, then giving a gift card would be best so they could choose.
--I also think gift cards to Starbucks, Jamba Juice, restaurants or the like would be very nice.

.And for Christmas, bedroom slippers or frames are great. I never enjoyed receiving chocolate.

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