Quotations Questions & Answers

the essence of politics is compromised can you please explain the quote? its for elected representatives....?

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection. What does this quote parsimonious?

we adopt the realness of the world beside which we are presented. How might the greeks picture this quote?

what lies bringing up the rear us and what lies beforehand us are small matter compared to what lies inwardly usQUOTE! HOMEWORK?

When I speak lunge... quote? (from movie, not song)?

you can never draw from satisfactory of what you don't want explain & contribute ex for this quote please?

You can never plan the adjectives by the past(Edmund Burke)?

You cant shake hand next to clenched fists what does this denote?

you know your hours of daylight to shine what does it niggardly?

football sayings?

LOVE QUOTES*********?

=] 10 unforced pts assist me!?

1.Why can Hester be see as a heroine?

10 points best answer! Objects/Items that represent this quote?

10 POINTS! [small quote BELOW] - what do you deem this quote routine; express gist of QUOTE BELOW . thank u?

10 POINTS! what does this quote propose to you? (LOOK BELOW)?

10 pts to first answer? Question more or less a quote?

10 Pts! What page within the Jungle is this quote from?

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