Quotations Questions & Answers

A thousand splendid suns interrogate pleasee give support to.?

A Website or a program which give quotes or usage examples for words?

Agree or disagree this statement,and why?

Albert Camus quote...please read...how would you interpret this?

Albert Einstein said... I never contemplate of the future-- it comes soon plenty!....what do you chew over?

Alice within Wonderland Catch Phrase?

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.?

All faint on the western front cross-examine can anyone tender me some planning?

Am i right i rong going on for this statement?

American quotes?Please back!?

An anyone assistance me make out what this quote expect?

An anyone backing me make out what this quote be a sign of?

An mature guru once have a literary quotation roughly speaking how cynics own truest hope/love for humanity. Who said it?

Analyze this quote love is a jaunt not a destination?

Analyze this quote? What is the hurry of it?

Analyze this quote??

Another quote of mine...Rate plz thankyou?

Another snippet from another of my stories.?

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