Quotations Questions & Answers

100 years of solitude?

1984- Quote Help- You Do Not Exist ?

3 question on u.s history (mult choice.. ) thanks(:?

A angelic animal rights or lacto-vegetarian saying/proverb for a tattoo?

A angelic file or quote?

A Breaking Dawn Question?

A description on a quote?

A false prospect of history is a toxin surrounded by the bloodstream? what does that quote anticipate?

A Famous Quotation by an unknown Arthur?

A Famous Quotation by an unknown Aurthur?

A friend of mine said everything contradicts and compliment respectively other?

A funny sensible quote I can put on my friends birthday card?

A little axe can cut down a big tree.....worth?

A little explanation please. What finances: DO BUT SEE our youngest sister, said they, one to another?

A quote sound out :)...?

A Quote...Enjoy! (Written By Me)?

A really nice quote for myspace?

A separate peace Brinker Hadley quote?

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