Quotations Questions & Answers

I want a really apt senior quote for class shirt?

I want an extempore in good time and tide linger for none?

I want an inspirational or funny quote specifically beneath 30 characters to be engraved on a dignified arts school ring?

I want long long detailed explanation of this poem beside great quotes?

I want my own personall quote?

I want really characteristic love and energy quotes, anything works.. gratitude :)?

I want sayings 4 don't do drugs?

I want senior quotes!?

I want smart and witty quotes for my arts school sweatshirt an eye catchy and attractive one?please give support to!?

I want some funny quotes roughly breaking up next to someone?

I want some quotes plz!?

I want to find this quote tattooed on my support.. what do you presume?

I want to know erratic sayings... GO!?

I want to know if i am contradicting myself by clich¨¦ this?

I want to know the poem, Sunday's child is tolerant surrounded by obverse , Monday's child is full of grace etc, Help find it?

I want to paint a quote on my wall, what are some correct inspiring quotes i could use?

I what to know ur fav emo quotes?

I would similar to to know where on earth does Thoreau's quotation, None are so aged as those who enjoy outlived enthusiasm?

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