Home school kids who go spinal column to regular conservatory?

did you miss out on a lot?
especially if you came back surrounded by high school.

i was thinking of self home schooled.
but i was thinking of all the things i would miss out on...

and i'm roughly speaking to go into high school, and i know how heaps things go on, that i couldn't do.
Being homeschooled is really great, I'm homeschooled. But I know how it is when you seize older--you want to do more/do more with friends. I would think about it profusely before you make a discision, then if you really want to budge, see if your Mom will let you go.
Have you ever heard of sudbury school? They are basicly a homeschooling school. It is pretty cool, you could try those out too.
Sorry about the wall-of-text below, but I was home school from age 11 (public school) up until age 16, where I went back to big school. You may find that it is either fantastic or destructive, depending on your personality.

If you're going backbone to high school mid-way through the typical 'high school years', you may find that it is harder to break into the cliques that already exist. Remember, oodles of these people may have been friends since they first started institution and unwilling to accept a newcomer. If you already have a lot of friends who attend duplicate school this may not be such an issue.

I also found that the maturity level of the giant school students was frustrating at times, and related better to the teacher than other students - when you're in a home school environment you may find that you spend more time with adults than other teenagers, which can also sort one appear to be 'sucking up' to the teachers if you go back to institution.

Homeschooling requires a lot of discipline - which coming from a public school background (with teacher telling you what to do all the time) can be difficult and without that discipline you may find that you start to wad behind, which can affect going back to school, and also getting into university/college at a next date if this is your goal.

I found that I lacked the social skills and the same amount of knowwledge when I went back - during my homeschooled years I had focused on the subjects I enoyed (computing, clear design, english) and neglected pretty much everything else which meant those subjects were a rael struggle.

It really is a good view to pick - homeschool or regular school - and just stick with it. You'll find that it's profusely more fulfilling in the long run. Source(s): personal experience both home and public schooling.
I'm going into 9th grade, too. I'm going to be homeschooled, but I'm hoping it'll work out and I can be homeschooled until I graduate. I do have some friends and stuff at conservatory, but I'd doubt I'll miss much. I am going to be homeschooled mostly because I was already in all the advanced programs and we be just doing busy work. I got all A's beside little effort. (I'm not trying to brag, just stating my reasons). So I'm going to homeschool next year. I'm still going surrounded by for choir, but that's it.

If I were you I'd weigh the pros and cons of both. And if you homeschool, make sure you learn adjectives the info you need to test back into classes, or you may enjoy to retake all of them!

The rugged part would not be the social aspects, it would be getting back into high conservatory with your credits intact. Most high schools do not adopt any credits earned at home unless they're earned in special situations. In my state, here are high school correspondence courses available from the state university, and these would be acceptable as glorious school credits. If your state has a free virtual high university online, that's the same as being enrolled surrounded by public school, and those credits would be accepted.

Otherwise, the school might clear you take their final exam for every course you claim credit for, which might be something like English I and II, Algebra I and Geometry, Physical Science and Biology, and World Geography and Civics/Free Enterprise. Or some other courses, but you get my drift. If you don't leave behind their final, you don't get the credit for the class and have to take the class, which probably funds you wouldn't be going in as a Junior like you think. Source(s): homeschool mom
This is such a personal decision, one that might be different, depending on the family's situation. For example, why are you not within private school? Why are private school kids not in public institution?
Before making a judgment, ask yourself just what you would miss. Then research homeschool and see if you really would miss out on it, especially if you got involved.
Idont think i am... Source(s): homeskewld

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