I hold a press for ethnic group that own their own daycare center?

I am a college student considering doing this but I was wondering how much it makes. Im not in it for the money but at indistinguishable time I do want to be able to comfortably support myself with the career I choose. Any guidance?
my mom owns her own daycare and it all depends on the ages of the children you are charitable for. the babies are more expensive i believe.
well my mom works at the daycare and her boss says within only one class which is the school agers they make for respectively kid is $150 a week and that price goes higher. every time you go down the age 4s 3s 2s 1s by the route their are 50 kids in the school age $$).
Do you mean open up an actual business, like rent or buy the space? I'm not sure just about that but I know it takes A LOT. You need experience so people trust you, a perfect reputation, usually years in the business, not to mention lots of money to get started and to have within case it doesn't work out, plus certifications/permits etc.

But, about ten years ago, my aunt had her own daycare within her home. I'm not sure how times have changed with what your allowed to do. But basically, she have one measly little certificate and started watching 3-4 children in her home, along with her own two children. She be making about 4k a month or so. But then, she had to apply for a warranty, and everything got shut down because they didn't think her house was big ample to have so many children in it.... Of course, it be, but you have to follow the rules and regulations otherwise you're out of luck!

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