How do i prepare for the SAT vocabulary?

i have the sat vocabulary building books(by kaplan)

which provide the meaning.a sentence and synonyms of 1000 words.

will reading files and learning the words be enough or should i resort to another method?

thanks surrounded by advance

please reply as soon as possible
Read books that are a bit more advanced than what you usually read. Also try reading the New York Times or the Economist or anything like that because not one and only will you learn about whats going on in the present times you will also cram new vocabulary words.
The best book BY FAR for SAT vocabulary is Direct Hits SAT Vocab by Krieger. The book is insane. It give the definition/all that stuff but it also gives examples of the words using modern day things. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do resourcefully on the SAT Critical Reading section.
You should focus on the account of words in the book. Make some flash cards and get busy! Truly, though, it's not as hard as it seem right now. You probably already know a lot of the words, right? Focus on the ones you don't know.
Read books that are more advanced than what you would typically read and keep a dictionary next to you.

I suggest purchasing an unabridged dictionary. They're very big and very expensive, but they will last the rest of your life, and they are intensely valuable to you when you go to college.
I have a website that is designed to comfort students prepare for the SAT. I have preps on there for every section on the SAT, including list of vocabulary words and quizzes to take after you study them that are in the same format as the SAT. I also hold some helpful study tips on there. You should definitely check it out, I'm sure it can assist. If you have any questions or need any assistance at adjectives, my contact information is on the website.
Check out this article below which is specifically about improving your vocabulary for the SAT exam. Best of luck! Source(s):
Making flashcards is essential to grasping vocabulary.
On one side write the word
on the other side write the definition and then 3 synonyms and 3 antonyms (this wont be hard since you said kaplan give you the definitions already)

Also, to help boost your vocab even further subscribe to online dictionaries' word of the day.

I use petersons, and merriam webster.
They adjectives provide SAT level vocabulary words that help you with the critical reading :) Source(s): me

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