Does anyone live within a town beside a population smaller quantity than 10,000?

Answers:    Yup, my town only has 3,000
I be once stationed at "Canadian Forces Station ALERT "
which is the most northerly inhabited place in the entire world. It is less than 300 kilometres from the North Pole, surrounded by the far north of Canada. The station has a population of about 60 folks, all CF members. The staff are rotated every 6 months.

ALERT is a world cavernous radio and microwave listening post, where we monitor radio and cell phone traffic around the world. Being so close to the top of the world, make this great place to listen from.

Canada shares it's radio and cell phone intelligence material with the USA, the UK and Australia. Alert be built in the early 50's, to listen to the Russians, presently we listen to everyone, including the Terrorists.

Jim B. Toronto.
Yes, I Live in Kalwakole. Population is just within between 4k - 5k. We call it Village.
Yea, Pinconning, MI population something around two thousand.
Yeah, there are 1,115 race where I live.
yes. i live in clatzbalk.
yes much wenlock birth place of the modern olympic games
I do - we don't even enjoy 1,000! (I don't think there's even 500)
I do!

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